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High school students walking down a set of stairs.

Partnerships Make Our
Mission Possible!

Avenue Scholars Des Moines relies on partnerships with area businesses to provide internships, full-time employment and part-time employment, and career awareness and exploration opportunities for work-ready and diverse Avenue Scholars students. We currently partner with businesses in the greater Des Moines area offering high-demand positions requiring an associate degree or less, representing any of our five industry clusters:
Health Sciences
Skilled Trades
& Manufacturing
Information Technology 
Automotive & Transportation

Internships and Employment

Internship and part-time employment opportunities in high school and college provide valuable experience and start Avenue Scholars students out on the path to success.


Does your business fit the following criteria?

  • Represents one of our five industry clusters.

  • Offers internships or full/part-time employment opportunities for young workers age 16-22.

  • Offers employment opportunities that require an associate degree or less.


If so, please reach out to Avenue Scholars’ Business Outreach Coordinator, Mary Core, at to discuss opportunities to collaborate in addressing your workforce needs, all while providing career-building work opportunities for Avenue Scholars students.


Career awareness and exploration days at Avenue Scholars Des Moines provide students from high school through college with valuable opportunities to explore a variety of career fields and industries in a hands-on way. 

Nurse with Patient
Image by Josh Beech
Young Programmer
Car Mechanics

Other Ways to Get Involved

Career Awareness

(learn about work)

Business Visits

Job Shadows

Career Exploration

(learn through work)


Career Readiness

(prepare for work)

Support for Curriculum

Interview/Resume Prep


Work Experience

(engage in work)

Paid Internships



Part time jobs

Our work will have a lasting impact on the local economy. When our Scholars receive well-paying jobs, they become consumers and taxpayers who add to our local workforce, investing back into the community. … generational poverty… lifting families… etc.

Proudly Partnering With

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